Halloween Horror Nights: Wash, rinse, repeat as needed

I didn’t ever actually suppose that once I’d challenged myself to try something that scares me, I would never again be afraid of that particular thing. And yet…I still taken aback when I started to make a phone call and felt the intense fear leap up in my throat again. It’s disheartening to realize that although I feel better for taking on these challenges, some remain to challenge again.

I’ve never ever had any interest in going to any of the Florida theme parks’ Halloween events, like Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights. I’m jumpy enough as it is; why would I voluntarily walk around in the dark waiting for random people to scare my pants off?

Therefore, when I saw the poster advertising this year’s event, I gave it my usual cursory glance and then moved on…only to realize three seconds later that this was probably something I should challenge myself to try. Those tickets aren’t cheap, though, and I’m saving for my (increasingly unlikely!) Seattle trip.

So I actually used a phone (!) and called Universal’s PR department to request free tickets. Talking on the phone with people I know is bad enough–making a cold call to a strange person to ask for something is roughly 3.7 times worse. I handled it okay, only stumbling over my explanation once or twice, and only when I hung up realized that all the blood had rushed to my face. (What is that for, circulatory system?!)

Fictional representation of my circulatory system (iheartguts.com)

In sum, they turned me down flat. No tickets available, they said. So Halloween Horror Nights isn’t in the cards for me this year; that’s okay.

Can I get some volunteers to hide around my frequently-traveled routes and leap out at me when I least expect it? That should keep my heart in good shape.

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  1. You should…totally get someone to take you…. someone must owe you a favor- their treat. If I was there and had money I’d totally do it, because I love that stuff. Hey- if you can’t make it to Seattle you should drive to NC and I’ll make you go out to a club filled with undergrads😉

  2. Okay- well I’m sure I get you to at least one of the bars…because well almost ever restaurant on Franklin Street is a bar too…haha


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