#34: Can we have a do-over?

Today, I have another challenge that will combine several different activities that make me uncomfortable.

Last night, I went to have my haircut and asked for some subtle highlights to be added as well. The stylist and I had a very specific exchange in which I explained that I wanted it to look very natural and not stripy, and she replied that it would not look chunky, but very blended in. Great!

This stylist has done my hair four separate other times, and every time I’ve been incredibly pleased with the results. As a reference point last night, I showed her this picture:

I see no stripes.

When she was finished, I was pleased with what I saw in the mirror from the chair. It was definitely different, and therefore I knew it would take some time for me to get used to, but it looked subtle and natural. (Maybe they have trick mirrors?) When I got home, I pulled my hair up into a bun to take a shower, and discovered this:

Pink-orange stripes. Okay.

What is this I don’t even. In what language could this be described as “not stripy”? None. In none language.

Also, it’s orange.

Happy Halloween!

In my past life, I would have just accepted this and gone on to let it fade and eventually grow out. But I spent money on this, and I want to be happy with it. So I’m going to do something terrifying: call them (on the phone!) and tell them I’m not happy with it.

If it helps make me seem less insane, I know that there’s no reason to hesitate to call. The stylist performed a service that did not measure up to what I had asked for, and so I can assume that they will happily fix my hair for me without also spitting in my shampoo.

Right? Yes.

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  1. Hopefully they will…but I’ve read lots of reviews of places here in NC and some people have gotten bad responses when they complained. But, if they aren’t nice about it…I would at least post an online review for others. I’ve only ever had highlights done once as well…and they were blondish…and there didn’t look stripey at all- so I know it’s possible with brown hair to get nice highlights. Granted I ultimately didn’t like how it make my hair weaker and damaged faster (I have thin strands)- but I got lots of compliments on it. Good LUCK

  2. Yes, he or she will happily fix your hair. Do not fear, spit is good for your hair.


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