#35: Warrior Dash, Take 2

Five more days until Warrior Dash 2013! I kind of can’t believe that I’m doing it again…although once it was over last year, all I could remember was the fun bits, and not the awkward, embarrassing, or painful ones. But as the weekend approaches, I’m getting more anxious about it again. (I mean, who would I be if I didn’t get anxious over every little thing, I guess?)

I’ve been practicing a little smarter this year; focusing on upper body strength and running on soft sand or in water, instead of just on roads and packed sand. And trying really hard to reduce my nerves by remembering how much fun it was last time.

My goal last year was just to finish. This year it’s twofold: I want to get over all of the obstacles without assistance (I know my awesome teammates had to shove me over a couple of walls…) and I want to do the one obstacle I skipped last year: The Great Warrior Wall.



Aaaand looking at it right now made my blood pressure go up  by about 100%. That thing is high! I’ve been practicing climbing fences, but nothing that big, of course. Still, it’s really important to me to do it (and also not break my neck…)

I was struggling with my running this winter, so my brother gifted me with a Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor, which is changing my active life. It’s amazing to realize that I was pushing myself too far several times during each run–no wonder I ended up dizzy and shaking every time.

While running with it on, I’ll suddenly think of one of the Warrior Dash obstacles, or of the fact that I still can’t run 3.1 miles without walking breaks, and watch my pulse immediately jump 10 to 15 points, with a corresponding shot of adrenaline into my brain.

I’m anxious about some other life stuff, so I think that’s maybe contributing to how worried I”m getting about the silly fun race: work stress, [minor] medical issues, etc.

I’m going to consider this positive growth, though, because I’m not even close to the level of nerves I was experiencing last year at this time.

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  1. JoJo

     /  January 29, 2013

    You’re AWESOME! I love that you’re doing it again!

    That wall makes my heart beat faster.


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